Reserve now and obtain a discount!

Like every year, they begin to get bookings for our apartment and this means that in a few months we run out of availability. That is why we must go quickly to book your week or weeks of vacation.

Book now means you can choose the week you need and make you look interesting benefited from a discount. Seize the moment!

Like last year, this year we have not raised our rates, so you can continue to rent our apartment at a price of 2010.

See what you expect prices for July and August.

Week (7 days): Includes linen and towels for 6 people and private garage. All this only

540 euros *

Fortnight (14 days): The same conditions that the previous offer. If you are lucky to have 2 weeks of vacation you can enjoy for only:

990 euros *

Month: Day 1 will enter and go out to 30 or 31, depending on the month. With private garage all set for 6 people:

1,890 euros *

* Discount included


And for the remaining months

If you are someone who think they go on holiday season is synonymous with saving, you are correct, because we offer prices like you’ve never seen in April and May:

Full week 7 days for only 300 euros

Weekend 2 days for only 180 euros


And all this with our service guarantee, always seeking the satisfaction of our guests.